The chooks prod team is born in 2007 under the leadership of Guillaume and Alexis Nicollet , Jim Nougarolles and Hugo Carraz.

The team is organized gradually as a collective of athletes and filmmakers to promote their respective sports and professional career.

Soon they are joined by other athletes such as Jeremy Bailly, Maxime Chiron, Martin Vaillant, Raphael Vouillamoz Michel Cervellin and begin to collaborate
on different projects with videographers and photographers from various backgrounds (Olivier Bidot, Tristan shu, Jean Baptist candlestick).

In 2012 the team was frankly invests in larger project videos and it is also the beginning of the partnership with Dudek, Polish paraglider manufacturer in full

Therefore the team is involved in several video project and in the development of several gliders range in collaboration with
Jean-Baptiste Chandelier and Manu Laly



The chooks Prod also becomes gradually a team of "makers", they begin to assemble their first 3D printer, 3D scanner, laser cutting etc .. and they develop DIY tools ("Do it yourself")

In many areas (electronics, video, paragliding etc) ...

It is therefore natural that in 2016 the team launched its experimental fablab with tutorials, videos, code to enable young "geek" to form
new technologies.

They also offer their services to companies, asociations, individuals to develop their projects and sell their own products and solutions based on open source .

They trust us:

Dudek paragliders

Apertus-open source cinema camera

Tristan shu